Over 1200 internationally recognised certificates of compliance (IRCC) published on ABS Clearing-House

Published on
February 25, 2020

Since the Nagoya Protocol came into force in 2014, over 1200 internationally recognised certificates of compliance (IRCC) from twenty countries have been published on the Access and Benefit-Sharing Clearing-House.

An IRCC is a certificate published on the ABS Clearing-House by the provider country. It is based on a national permit or equivalent and contains information that can assist in monitoring the utilisation of genetic resources by users. An IRCC provides evidence that the user has accessed a genetic resource legally and in accordance with prior informed consent (PIC) and that mutually agreed terms (MAT) have been established.

Users of genetic resources can minimise their administrative burden by obtaining access to genetic resources under an IRCC. By accessing genetic resources under an IRCC you have met your due diligence obligations regarding the collection of information under European law. Make sure to keep the IRCC and, if applicable, transfer it to any subsequent users of the genetic resource.

More information about the IRCC can be found on the page Important terms. An overview of all published IRCCs is available on the ABS Clearing-House website.