ABS on social media

Published on
September 16, 2021

As more and more information about ABS becomes available, social media are playing an increasing role in sharing news and relevant information for users of genetic resources. Which social media accounts could be useful for you?

ABS Focal Point on social media

The ABS Focal Point of the Netherlands frequently shares news articles and ABS information on Twitter and LinkedIn, in addition to the information provided on our website ( Follow us on Twitter through @CGN_Wageningen, where we use the hashtag #absfocalpoint for ABS-related tweets. On LinkedIn you can find us as ‘ABS Focal Point – the Netherlands’.

News and resources

In addition to maintaining a useful website (which we covered in our article on ABS resources), the German Nagoya Protocol HuB is active on LinkedIn and Twitter. Their posts (in English) are primarily targeted at researchers in the academic sector and promote their ‘Nagoya Bites’ podcast, ABS compliance stories and other ABS information for users of genetic resources.

The ABS Capacity Development Initiative supports ABS negotiations and the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol by integrating ABS principles, sustainable use and ethical sourcing into biotrade value chains. On Twitter (@ABSBiotrade), they frequently share events, articles and interviews that highlight how ABS can contribute to sustainability and biodiversity.

Public discussion group

The LinkedIn group ‘Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing: Compliance Forum’ is a public forum for questions and discussions about ABS compliance, with its network reaching all over the world. Members include (representatives of) companies and NGOs, as well as ABS experts aiming to share their knowledge. Members ask about experiences with ABS access legislation and procedures, share interesting ABS articles and announce ABS events, for example webinars.